Work at Boston University AP Lab

Since April of 2009 I've been moonlighting as a Research Fellow in the Active Perception Laboratory at Boston University.  Much of the lab's current research is aimed at understanding and modeling the various mechanisms by which humans perceive depth.  Being responsible for the design, construction, and improvement of some of the devices used for this research, I've had the chance to work on mechanical design, functional prototyping, electronics and algorithmic problems, as well as project management and cost containment.

LED Fixation Experiment -- a precise positioning fixture and target-tracking algorithm, used to empirically verify a geometric parallax model of depth perception. The resulting paper was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

High-Speed Display Panel -- an LED-based display used in conjunction with an eyetracker to study subjects' responses to light stimuli presented with precise timing in specific locations.

Humanoid Robot -- aka "Mr. T", a humanoid platform to simulate human head and neck movements, used for ongoing research into computational models of the brain.

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