Mark Gibson graduated in 1995 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering/Technical Writing, and began his career as a QA (testing) engineer for a startup CAD company called SolidWorks.

Over the next 15 years, what is now DS SolidWorks grew from 30-something employees to over 600, from zero copies of software sold to over two million, and Mark's design responsibilities grew from simple projects to product-level functional and interface definition, including large portions of the company's next-generation CAD system. Through this experience Mark has developed a keen ability to understand customers' functional and usability needs, design solutions to these needs, and work with implementers to deliver these solutions in shipping products.

While his official responsibilities have revolved around the company's software products, Mark has also been involved in several projects at SolidWorks which are closer to his engineering roots. These include the construction of a Factory Five Roadster (Shelby Cobra replica) for charity, two projects in the "Let's Go Design" web series, and most recently the construction of an animatronic arm (detailed elsewhere on this site), which gave him the opportunity to not only design with SolidWorks but also machine the intricate parts of the hand on a CNC vertical machining center.

Mark began doing engineering and design work for the Active Perception Laboratory at Boston University in 2009, and was soon appointed Research Fellow there. He designs, builds, and modifies apparatus used in the research of human depth perception and machine vision, as well as advising the research team on various aspects of engineering.

Mark has completed numerous projects outside of work as well, which have developed his skills in electronics, microcontroller programming, data acquisition, machining and fabrication. A few selected projects are documented on this site.

You can contact Mark on LinkedIn.