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So what do you do if you need a machine that runs DOS, has two serial ports, and can take being propped up under the hood of your car while you poke at it with greasy fingers?
If you're me, you buy a Tablet PC on eBay for $40.*
I found this machine by chance, because someone in Germany was using it as a basis for a turnkey interface they were selling.
Specs are available online, but here are few relevant facts:
  • The unit supports two serial ports IF you use the clip-on port replicator.  They go for about $10 on eBay.  The replicator also gives you two USB ports, which you don't get otherwise.
  • Unlike most Palms, the stylus for these machines is not optional -- you don't get pointing action if you use your finger or a pen.  And for whatever reason a lot of machines have them missing, and they cost about $25 used.  So make sure your prospective machine has one, or lower your offer accordingly.
  • Typically they come with 32 or 48 MB RAM, and 2.1 GB hard drives.
  • There are four screens available.  Two are color, and vary in their bit depth (how many colors).  The other two are grayscale, and both show 64 levels of grey.  One is "transflective" which is supposed to be better outdoors and in other high-light situations.
  • The main mass I/O for these will probably be the PCMCIA slot.  This is how you can hook up network cards, CD-ROM drives, etc.  If you're patient, there's also an Infrared port.
  • The typical OS on these is Win95.  Welcome to the 90's.
  • Like all old Li-Ion batteries, the batteries in Stylistic battery packs (regardless of where you get them) are aging and being reduced in capacity.
  • Some more useful info can be found at:

*The unit cost $40.  But by the time I'd bought the unit, the keyboard, a floppy drive, the port replicator, and a stylus, and paid to get everything shipped to me, I ended up spending about $150.

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