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12/22/2004 -- Lots of progress since the last entry.  Briefly: Got the Stylistic running Win98SE, installed the various software from the "metal_maxx" CD, connected to the car.  Retrieved some codes, learned more about DS2, wrote a code scanner to find all computers in my car.  Reverse-engineered various software to extract trouble codes, wrote my own low-level send/receive program.  Discovered that the L-line on my car works at 9600 baud just like the K-line.
12/8/04 -- More Stylistic parts arrived.  Today the keyboard, which appears DOA when connected to my laptop.
12/7/04 -- Received metal_maxx CD and cable.  The cable is a stripped-down version of a Carsoft interface (schematics online).  The software is mostly freeware and shareware, much of it used for rolling back odometers, which I don't want to do.  Found ELM interface.
12/4/04 -- After more research, learned that the Data Link is pretty much the same protocol as OBD-II, so any one of the various interfaces out there should work fine.  Including the one I bought last year.  D'oh!
12/3/04 -- Picked up a few missing items for the Stylistic -- a stylus and a keyboard.  Total outlay on the project at this point is about $220.
12/2/04 -- Thanks to a sympathetic co-worker, I've now got a PCMCIA CD-ROM and network card.  So I can get software on there.
11/24/04 -- Purchased a Stylistic 1200 for about $60 (shipped), and the interface cable/CD on eBay.  It's missing the stylus and power adapter, but otherwise in good shape.  Need some way to get stuff onto it though.  CF cards via the PCMCIA slot will work, but I need something that can move CD-fulls of data onto it.  I'd like to put the ETK on there, as well as whatever software comes with the interface cable.
11/23/04 -- Found on eBay someone selling a complete scanner setup -- for $500 plus $50 shipping from Germany.  Too pricey for me.  However, the auction was helpful because I identified the Tablet PC they used -- a Fujitsu Stylistic 1200.
11/23/04 -- Found an eBay seller (metal_maxx) offering an interface cable and a CD which they claim gives full access to the ECU, for about $85 shipped from Germany.  The cable requires two serial ports (maybe because it's wired to the K and L lines?), which my laptop doesn't have.  So need to find a machine with two serial ports.

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