BMW Data Link Interface Project

The Basics
Hardware Theory
Hardware Practice
DS2 Protocol
ECU Addresses
DS2 Commands
ECU Responses
Fault Codes
BMW Scan-O-Matic
Well, mine's silver.

This site documents my construction of a laptop-based interface to the various computers (ECU, SRS, ABS, etc.) in my 1999 BMW 323ti.
I have what must be one of the few 323ti's in the US -- and amazingly, the car was almost completely unmolested on its way into the country.  But one of the few downsides of this is that I don't have an OBD-II port, so I can't use a readily-available port-scanner.
So I've built an interface to the ECUs via the 20-pin connector.  These pages document what I've learned through hours of agonizing research, so the next poor slob who wants to figure this out doesn't have to re-invent the wheel.

This site is not affiliated with BMW in any way.  As if you couldn't tell.