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All of the car's ECU's share the same K- and L-lines, which means they all see whatever commands you send.  Therefore, the first byte (or sometimes, pair of bytes) in any command is the address of the computer you want to respond to your command.  Addresses for a given computer vary from car to car, so here are the addresses I know of (all numbers in hex).  The ones I've gotten to work are in bold:
00 -- Central body (windows, locks, wipers, etc.)
12 -- Motronic
21 -- Central body
32 -- Automatic transmission
44 -- Immobilizer (Alarm)
56 -- ABS
5B -- Climate control
60 -- Parking distance control
80 -- Instrument Cluster
A4 -- Airbag
BF -- Immobilizer
D0 -- Light control module
FF -- Immobilizer
11 00 -- Central body
36 00 -- ABS
41 00 -- Airbag
45 00 -- Central body
59 00 -- Climate control (plain A/C doesn't have a computer)
69 00 -- Automatic transmission
B9 00 -- Remote?

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